Nice clean job

Bill L. | Rochester, MI
October 17, 2018

Very nice painting crew; professional, knowledgeable, friendly. The office did a nice job of staying in touch with me.
Painters said they would let me know if/when I needed to unlatch windows and open them to avoid having them painted shut, but apparently both sides forgot... Had hoped for a little more thorough clean-up of paint chips, but I really don't know what the standard is for that. Maybe my expectations were a little too high.

Ellen C. | Birmingham, MI
October 16, 2018

They did a good job.

Dan D. | Rochester, MI
October 15, 2018

They were fantastic. The crew was very tidy and concerned for the interior of the house. They took a lot of care when they moved furniture. The quality of the work and the workmanship was phenomenal.

Susan C. | Lake Orion, MI
October 12, 2018

They did a wonderful job in a very short time. Very professional- perfect cleanup

Judy A. | Rochester, MI
October 7, 2018

On scheduel flexible a lot of communication during the project between the techincian and myself and I am very happy with the work they have done.

Jong P. | Rochester, MI
October 5, 2018

Josh did a real good job and was very professional. He contacted me and informed me of the time of arrival. He was on time. I am very happy with the job. I would love to have Josh to do future project!

Shirley M. | Troy, MI
October 1, 2018

The crew was excellent but they were overworked. They seemed to be going from one job to the next, and they rushed my job on the last day. But nothing major, they got it taken care of later.

Paul F. | Clarkston, MA
September 21, 2018

I really appreciated the quick response to any questions that I had.

Karen C. | Rochester Hills, MI
September 18, 2018

Good Communication between company and customer.

Frank B. | Rochester Hills, MI
September 17, 2018